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Hong Kong Vision Technology Co., Ltd is a company with a strong Manufacture, Wholesale & Exporter for professional security equipment (Closed Circuit Television, Surveillance System, Access Control & Security Alarm System). With our professional team, we supply high-quality and cost-effective security products. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. If you are looking for quality commitment, contact us today. We will always focus our priorities on your needs. We offer good quality & reasonable prices of all our products.
Base on our experiences in the marketing and engineering, we know how to serve our customers well. We welcome all kinds of cooperation such as OEM & ODM.
Our company products ranges from:

> Professional Closed Circuit Television
> Camera
> Digital Video Recorder
> Cabling System
> Surveillance
> Access Control
> Security Alarm System
> Accessories
We are currently distributing in many countries. It is our pleasure to build up business relationships with customers from all over the world. And have extended our research & development facilities to meet the growing market for high quality and improved products reliability.
  • kodicom4400^$Product name: Kodicom4400
  • Description:
    • ENGIN-K compressing format supporting Pal and NTSC style
    • general of signal card: 100 frames/second PAL style,
    • differentiate rate 640x480, 320x240ㄛ160x120
  • ^#kodicom4400^$
  • ENGINK compressing format
  • PAL 100 frame NTSC 120 frame
  • display: 640x480, 320x240
  • supply 4-16 lines input of video
  • Support IE browse. Built-in web server
  • Support Win98/2000/XP^#kodicom8800^$
  • ENGINK compressing format
  • PAL 200 frame NTSC240 frame
  • display: 640x480, 320x240
  • supply 8 lines input of video
  • Single system support 2 cards.
  • Support IE browse. Built-in web server
  • Support Win98/2000/XP
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