TV parttern Generator

Product ID: Wg-228pal

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Xinyue TV signal generator has many kinds of test signal outputs such as chessboard, dot, square grid, column bar, horizontal grey bar, grey scale, color bar signal and circle signal, and it is generated by adopting digital mode with good stability.

The generation of image carrier frequency signal and sound signal of TV channel is made by adopting the latest digital phase-locked frequency synthesis technology that enables the carrier frequencies to have higher precision and stability avoid the instability of using mechanical regulating switch. The frequency of each channel, including the intermediate frequency and the frequency of closed-circuit television supplemental channels, has already stored in the internal memory, and the user can directly call the required signal by the keystrokes and channel number display on the panel.

This device is smart in volume and convenient to carry with, reasonable in structure and beautiful in appearance, and also features high reliability, it is applicable in production and debugging of TV set by the appliance maintainer and electronics lover.

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