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Supper slim movement
Automic and manual radio controlled reception
Multi channel for global singnal receiver (JJY 40/60,WWVB 60khz,
MSF 60khz and DSF77.5khz)
Time zone setting
LCD diaplay of year,month,date,hour,minute,second,pmand day of week
Two alarms,EL backlight
  • MEN SIZE^$Function:
  • 1. Automatic Receiving
  • 2. Manual Receiving
  • 3. Hour, Minute, Second display
  • 4. AM/PM checking
  • 5. Global Time Zone
  • 6. Day Light Saving
  • ^#WWVB^$^#JJY+NJJY^$^#DCF^$^#MSF+DCF^$^#
  • Features
    advanced^$supper slim of above all types in china^#all stainless steel case^$just can be made by few company only^#high reception sensitive^$80uv for JJY,WWVB,MSF and DCF^#Artwork^$novelty^#competive price^$lower price^#
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