BioSystems Forced Draft Trickle Filter Sewage Treatment Plants

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We provide advanced Forced Draft Trickle Filter Sewage Treatment Plants incorporating one of the world's leading biotechnologies. BioSystems services involve a total approach, including assessments, solutions, construction of plants and ongoing management of waste water for our clients, tackling the mounting environmental concerns and turning waste water into a safe and valuable irrigation resource.
The BioSytems Plants are capable of serving 10-person domestic units up to 20,000-person urban communities. Difficult or distant sites present no problem and the modulated in situ design makes use of local building materials, where available. The plants can be architecturally designed to blend into the development theme. Commercial applications include the hospitality and food processing industries, refineries and engineering companies.
  • Modular Forced Draft Trickle Filter
    • Modular System. Sealed Units. Compact System . Operates in temperatures -20 to +50 C. Chemical free. Uses existing components. Low electro-mechanical components. Non-biodegradable polypropylene media. BOD levels of 10 to 30 mg/litre. Fully automatic System
  • Benefits
    • Plant capacity easily increased
  • Odourless, Noiseless, Flyless
  • Minimal land usage (0.06 to 0.09 m2/p.e.)
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Meets WHO standards for irrigation
  • Cost effective & easy to install
  • Low power consumption, low running cost
  • Indefinite life span. 100%clog free system. Efficient BOD reduction. Low maintenance. Skilled operators not required.

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