I beam welding assembly straightening production line

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I beam Steel Assembling ,Welding, Straightening Machine
High-precise ball-bearing linear track.
Low-speed and high-moment frequency conversion motor.
High-precise SPWM AC system of speed adjustment.
Original imported pneumatic and hydraulic system.
High-efficient flux conveying and recovering system.
Two sets of imported single-arc and double-wire welding machines are simultaneity adopted.
H-beam assembling machine has congregates assembling, welding and straightening functions on the machine, and it is high- efficient in working.

Descriptions Specifications
Applicable width of H-beam flange 150-800mm
Applicable thickness of H-beam flange 6-25mm
Applicable height of H-beam web 200-1500mm
Applicable thickness of H-beam web 5-16mm
Mainframe power(welder is excluded) 15kw
System Pressure 0.2-0.8MPa
  • CNC Multi-head Strip Cutting Machin^$Advanced and reliable FAGOR-CNC controller is equipped.
  • There are many operating functions, and the machine is convenient and utility.
  • The machine can meet plasma/flame cutting.
  • Full auto-cutting process is fast-speed, highly efficient.
  • There are many offset functions, such as cutting seam offset, back-directional nap offset,spiral offset. It is equipped with many sets of CNC strip cutting torches, to complete mass production.
  • It is equipped with many accessorial devices, such as auto-ignition, auto-adjustment of height, powder-spraying laying out and auto-programming control.
  • The whole machine is advanced, and its performance is stable and reliable.
  • Cutting roughness reaches Ra12.5.
  • ^#H beam assembling Machine^$Auto-tack welding is controlled with PLC+SPWM programming.
  • After aligning, flange and web are assembled automatically.
  • The alignment system is macrostructure, and good in steel performance.
  • There are baffles of hydraulic lift device on the top.
  • It is close to switch auto-checking steel end face.
  • The whole machine is stable in performance, and easy in operation. ^#Gantry welding Machine^$The machine is adopted with synchronized drive of the two sides, and stable in traveling performance.
  • Reliable three-spindle mechanic tracking system for welding seams.
  • High-precise SPWM AC speed adjustment system.
  • The machine is provided with high-efficient flux auto-recovering system. And two sets of single-arc and single-wire are adopted to perform synchronously weld.
  • The welding machine and the gantry auto-welding machine are performed integrated interlocking, and it is highly efficient in welding.
  • ^#I beam Flange Straightening Machine^$The machine is highly efficient in conveying, and quick in correcting velocity.
  • It is simple in structure, and vertical feeding of the correcting wheel is mechanical.
  • Staff guage is equipped in the correcting wheel, and it is convenient and intuitionistic in operating.
  • The correcting wheel is made of good alloy steel, to guarantee long term operating.
  • The main frame has near-distance operating box, and it is convenient in operating.
  • It is high-efficient equipment of middle or small size H-beam flange straightening
  • ^#I beam End Face Milling^$It is simple in structure, and easy in operating.
  • Reliable motor accurately trail and screw mandrel conveying device.
  • Fleetly feeding and recovering assure it is quick in speed adjustment.
  • High-precise frequency conversion speed adjustment.
  • It has wide range of speed adjustment, low noise, high efficiency, reliable performance milling and cutting head.
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