Control System for Robot

Control System for Robot

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Controller for CNC Robot

Product ID: BL-XISTA

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(1) Using VARAN-BUS technology, our control system is technically the most advanced control system for Robot Control in the world.
(2) The 8.4" TFT touch screen is bright and convenient for the operator. Included is a sleep function to extend the screen life.
(3) Closed Loop control technology for precise and reliable control.
(4) The modular control system is fully expandable up to 8 axes if required.
(5) Open program control has the same functionality of the CNC machining center. Multi-axis parallel control is quick and convenient for, any space geometry motion.
(6) Many types of special motions are available as a standard function. Such as array, stacking, QC, inserting and many other functions.
(7) Real Time Run State monitor is provided, which is convenient to connect the LAN network and other manufacturing management monitoring systems.
(8) USB connection is provided for convenient software upgrades and user programs.
(9) Multiple language and operating units can be switched on line.
The operation is simple, convenient and quick to use with open dialogue and graphic compile function. Which makes our control system the most advanced in the world.
Well-Lih is leading the way in technology and user friendly Robots for greater customer satisfaction.
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