CNC Full Servo large range robot

CNC Full Servo large range robot

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CNC Full Servo large range robot

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Suitable for 500-3000TON IMM
Based on European design
1) Special Z-axis beam design is able to carry additional 30% of weight load and better tension compared to other
conventional structural designs.
2) The arm are gripping on both side of main beam, it provide stable moving on the main beam, suitable for removing
the automobile part, household pallet…etc from injection molding machine

Optional features for flexible control. 360°B Axis,
180°C Axis and 360°A Axis.

The operation is simple, convenient and quick to use with open dialogue and graphic compile function. Which makes our control system the most advanced in the world.
Well-Lih is leading the way in technology and user friendly Robots for greater customer satisfaction.
  • CE Certificate

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