auto-darkening welding helmet

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WOLFTOOL is a complete line of welding accessories and consumables for the DIY selfer or professional welder:

1.Welding helmets and welding lenses: including Auto-darkening helmets, auto-darkening lenses, welding filters, etc.
2.TIG/MIG/MAG parts: including ceramic nozzles, collets, collet bodies, back caps, gas nozzles, contact tips, gas diffusers, conductor tubes, etc.
3.Gas apparatus: including welding torches, cutting torches, heating torches, welding and cutting tips, regulators and flowmeters, welding and cutting outfits, etc.
4. Other welding accessories and consumables: including electrode holders, earth clamps, cable joints, weld gauges, welding tools, electrode rods, welding wires, safety equipments, etc.
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