Tang painting Shuanghuan tall dancers figurines

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Tang painting Shuanghuan Six dancers figurines original artifacts unearthed in Shaanxi Changwu.The figurines clothing to high Tang Dynasty is in the dissemination of a culture of the Silk Road and foreign exchange impact of the gradual rise, as a burst of hot air swept across the Central Plains Hufu Town, the capital of Chang`an Luoyang used for Sheng. Emperor Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty ,fond of Hufu,HuYue,Yang Hu dance talent for, Bai Juyi of the "easy" "Dances featured song," Dance with a Hu Ting even.
The figurines represent the Tang Dynasty art lady figurines higher production standards, female figurines to Mexican line drawing curly eyebrows with vermeil add height, with white painted face, cheek bones become confused with pale red, the art of painting and sculpture, very perfect. Production techniques and decorative methods to center combined, using painting techniques. Formed Banbo brilliant, colourful artistic effects of natural and added more female figurines classical romantic atmosphere, is a rare art collections.
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