ferrofluid feedthrough

Product ID: vacuum feedthrough

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We are the leading manufacture of ferrofluid rotary feedthrough,vacuum components(CF,KF,ISO series) and semi-conductor devices which of UHV chamber for sputtering , coating, e-beam evaporation and etc. producing with stainless steel from drawing to production included leak test for user in local and worldwide market.We repair the vacuum feedthrough and components too.
  • Shaft type:
    • solid shaft,hollow shaft or multiaxial shaft;
  • Housing type:
    • Flange type,Bolt type,Nut type or Trough hole type
  • Cooling way:
    • no water-cooling,water cooling;
  • working environment:
    • Ordinary environment or Corrosive Gas.!!tab

Main Products

ferrofluid feedthrough,vacuum flanges,valves,turbo pumps etc.