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Our company Xinhe fishing tackle Co., Ltd. is a specialized fishing tackle manufacturer with professional product line of fishhooks, fish baits, spinner baits, swim baits, crank baits, both hard and soft plactic lures,jigheads, jighooks and etc. Our annual output of fishhooks is 3 million , and baits series like fish baits is 10 million per year, which are most sold to Japan, Europe and North America. Our products can be produced by machine or made hand-poured by hands, and We are also very pleased to OEM & ODM for you.
  • fishing tackle lures baits ^$hanks for your interest.Our factory product line are as follows:1.Soft lures, which have many serials from ALS,AM,BC,BCE,BH,BEA,BOA,BOB,BLS,BW,CBS,CAR-s,CBSG,CBSS
  • 2.Jigs,which also have serials from HOA,SLY,HCD,YTG,HWA,HWB
  • 3,Spinner Baits,with its serials from HWRA,HWRC...
  • 4,Baits with hooks,from Luck-s,luck....
  • 6,Hard lures, like Crank baits,which also have many serials....^#
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