Automatic liquid packaging machine

Product ID: XHAS1000

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It is widely used for various kinds of liquid packaging. Such as, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, ice drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine, It uses singlen lay film PE as packaging materials. It can automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, bag molding, print the code, precisely fill, seal and cut at one time. This series has been long-tested and its performance enjoys a very high reputation from our clients that this series is easyt to operat and run smoothly with low failure rate.
  • Capacity 1500-200bags/Hour ^$ Size
  • 970X870X1970mm
  • ^#Volume^$200ml-500ml can be adjust ^#Power^$220v/380v 1.6kw ^#Firm width ^$320mm/240mm ^# Weight ^$400kgs ^#
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