stainless steel tool chest

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stainless steel products ,SS304 or SS430,wide range ,we can make upon your specification.
  • TC26-10/12
    • width 26inc 10 drawers or 12drawers
  • TC36-10/15
    • width36inc 10 drawers or 15 drawers
  • TC41-20/22
    • width 41inc 20drawersor 22 drawers
  • TC53-22/26
    • width 554inc 22drawers or 26drawers
  • TC72-10/15
    • width72inc 10drawers or 15 drawers
  • Good meterial
    • Brushed excellent stainless steel sheet;2,high quanlity Novavei protective film cver with the surface; 3, Wild selection of specifications and sizes
  • Well stainless
    • Unitary concavo-convex bearing chassis ,Steady construction,Concealed elastomer on upper or base cabinet orientaition
  • Wide range
    • Wild selection of specifications and sizes,Modularized designs ,the size and the quanlity of the drawers can be optional
  • lock system
    • 5,Special multi-lock system designed by Seri-XiangYing,to avoid drawers opening at the same time which cause body leaning,Unaided high security cam locks system on each upper or base cabinet,red'OFF'key,green"ON'key on the lock panel to indicate the working status clearly
  • Accessory
    • 4 heavy-duty casters,two brakes;8,Ball bearing slides on per dreawers full extention 100LBS,And 1 pairs slides on the deeper drawers,Drawer handles made from alaminium,'8'type or 'J'type can be optional
  • 5 years

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