Double Control Central power lock

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Universal;two masters;
With hardware accessories
  • Main characteristic:^$1, Suitable all kinds of, but shake the accusing of device and burglary-resisiting device outerly, install convenient
  • 2, ultrasonic wave of whole high-power to weld , the intensity is high, seal waterproofly of good performancly.
  • 3, Strong definitely assorted to design , can resist strong vibrations jolt electrical machinery of surrounding etc. from head to foot, give play to the best efficiency all the time.
  • 4, Adopting the electrical machinery best in quality, strength is steady, can bear the big unexpected electric current to assault .
  • 5, The most advanced gear wheel cooperates and designs, rotate steadily, the noise is extremely low, lead the sense and slip suitably, can prevent the card from dying .
  • ^#Main function characteristic: ^$1, Use the voltage range: DC12V 3V
  • 2, Working journey: 18MM 1MM
  • 3, Push pulling force: 30N 2N
  • 4, job temperature range: -30 degrees- +80 degrees
  • 5, The number of times of the life-span: 100. 000 or more times ^#
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