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the latest air purifier in the world.the only one can protect your life from sars and flu in one second.
  • anti flu
    • Remove small particulate to prevent aspiratory diseases.
  • Remove odor and harmful gas (such as formaldehyde, sulfureted hydrogen etc. ) to prevent chronical poisoning.
  • Kill the bacteria (such as rheum bacterium, flu, escherichia coli etc. ) to prevent the infective diseases.
  • Kill bacteria within one second.
  • Eliminate cigarette smoke and odors.
  • Air sterilization.
  • Creates a personal comfort zone in any environment.
  • Silently directs cleaner, fresher air toward your mouth and nose.
  • Yakuso lets you breath cleaner, fresher air wherever you go.
  • Yakuso products has passed all the test of CE
  • gs
  • etl
  • ul etc