Product ID: LTYSS-002

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Solar cell:single crystall silicon or polycrystalline silicon
Power of solar cell:120W-175W
Service life of solar cell:20 years
Service life of storage cell:4-5 years
Capacity of storage cell:12V 100-150AhX2
Output power:DC12V 35V 36V 55V
Lighting source:High efficiency energy saving lamp 1pc.DC12V 11W
Control system:microcomputer intelligent control,preventing overcharge and overdischarge,having output short circuit protection and switching on/off the lamps subject to the dark and light
Ambient temperature:-20-60
Lighting time:4-6 hours a day under the condition of normal sunlight,or subject to customer,setting based on specific needs,capable of working for 5-7 consecutove days

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