Sell :0203 CYX

Product ID: Sell :0203 CYX

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Item No: A packing
PS-5:4.8(3/16") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-6:6.4(1/4") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-10:9.6(3/8") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-13:12.7(1/2") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-16:15.9(5/8") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-19:19.1(3/4") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-22:22.2(7/8") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-25:25.4(1") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-28:28.5(1 1/8") 100PCS/1000PCS
PS-36:35.0(1 3/8") 100PCS/1000PCS
Material quanlity:NYLON66(original color) up to standard of UL,against fire rank is 94V-2.hard to overgrown,sever cause of high extent.
USE method:drill a hole in basic plank for 4.8mm,then plug PUSH SPACER into basic plank just ok
USE:prop up PC plank,increase fix level of
Material quanlity:NYLON66(original ^$^#

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