PTFE coated fiberglass conveyer belt

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Features of PTFE fiberglass fabric:
1. stable dimension, high intensity, elongation coefficient low
2. good temperature resistance, operating temperature -70-260℃
3. low coefficient of friction and dielectric constant, good insulating ability
4. non-stick, fireproof, lower in aging.
5. good chemical resistance, it can resist all most of chemical medicines, acids, alkalis, and salt.
Applications of PTFE fiberglass fabric:
1. used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave liner, oven liner, or other liners.
2. used as non stick liners, intermediate
3. used as covering or wrapping material in petroleum, chemical industries, as wrapping material, insulating material, high temperature resistance material in electrical industries, desulfurizing material in power plant etc
4. used as various conveyer belts, fusing belts, sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature, non stick, chemical resistance etc.
0.08-1.0^$Using the best imported Fiberglass as the weaving material to knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coating it with excellent PTFE resin then making it into various of Teflon high temperature resistance cloth.^#

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