PTFE coated fiberglass mesh conveyer belt

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1. High temperature resistance-Operating temperature range(from-140 to 260℃)
2. Permeability-Avoiding wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for it's permeability.
3. Chemical resistance--Resisting all most of chemical medicines.
4. Adherence resistance--Easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin, paint and chemical medicine.
5. Good flexible fatigue resistance--Having high tensile strength and excellent flexible fatigue resistance.
1.Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk-printing and dyeing machine.
2.Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer.
3.Hot-air dryer, various of food baking machines ,quick-frozen machines.
4.Oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering.

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