Product ID: YINT-201

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PC to PC and PC to phone operation
Driver built-in plug and play
USB1.1 compatible, no need sound card
No external power required
Echo cancellation, noise reduction
Full duplex communication
Comply with H. 232, MGCP, SIP protocol

Application support:
Net meeting/Messenger/Mediaring/Net2phone
Key-in tone function
Compatible with Skype, the free PC Internet phone Service, with tens of millions of users
Support MSN/Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Net meeting, Net2phone and any other internet telephone software

Free phone calls among PC users
Skype out can facilitate calls to regular phone No.
Compatible with firewall and NAT with virtual IP
Integrated phone set with USB ando, speaker, microphone and keypad for natural voice conversation
Best voice quality with full duplex and echo free sound
Hardware generated DTMF signals for dialing to extension through PBX
Plug and play installation operating without any external power adaptor
The LCD can display Year, Month, Day and time
Driver built-in plug and play ^$^#

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