sbs/app modified asphalt membrane

Product ID: YH-S/A

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According to the needs of clients our corporation can turn out products with different specifications ,types ,grades .It is extensively applicable to roofs ,bridges ,channels ,banks,culverts various pipes ,underground works ,airport runways for sealing ,waterproof ,corrosion protection and damp proof. It has a good bond performance and can be bonded with concrete ,timber ,bricks ,stone ,plastic ,metal etc. hot melt or cold bond with adhesive methods can be used as required in construction .It is convenient ,safe ,pollution free and easy to maintain. Instruction (1) Waterproof fabric surface (find flat surface) must be hard ,flat ,dry (water absorption rate nomore than 10 percent) clean and free of sand grain and shap matters. (2)No construction is permitted to start if there is snow ,water ,ice and frost in the workshop. (3) The material is not applicable for use under temperature of negative value in construction. If it must be used under temperature of negative value there should be guarantee that some measures should be taken to prevent cracks and poor bond in the waterproof layer already placed. Thematerial should be kept indoors and moved to he work site when it is to be used in construction. (4) Be careful at all the time to remove air by squeezing when laying the material in place so as not to cause ballooning. (5) Handle the material with care ,you are not allowed to throw it to prevent damage when loading or transporting.

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