Polyaluminium Chloride(PAC)(Spray dried process)

Product ID: PAS-S

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Features of spray dried process:
The features of pressure type spray dried method is determined by the operating principle of pressure type atomizer. The output product after
pressure type spray dried process is porous fine particle or hollow fine particle, which shows the features of superiors dustproof and flowing
property. Owing to its bigger contact area between itself and surrounding water than other powder products, it shows better wettabiliy and
quicker water purifying speed.Spray granulation is to dry polyaluminium chloride and atomize to be minute particle simultaneously.
Poly aluminium chloride is water soluble substance and shows features of good thermal stability and high solubility .Polyaluminium chloride
solution with 40-50% solid content on drying is introduced to high pressure pump, atomized in atomizer of dryer to be minute fogdrop which
is the dried to be granular products. Dehydration and granulation are made simultaneously in this process.
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