YT-780 full-automatic roller type flat screen printing machine

Product ID: YT-780

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The printing scope of Type YT-780 Automatic Rotary Cylinder Screen Printing Machine is wide. Under the condition of combination printing of offset printing, screen printing and other printing, part UV glazing of presswork is available; simultaneously, the machine is available for the single-color and multi-color overprinting by paper with size of 120-250g/square meter (gold/silver paperboard, transfer paper and white board paper, etc.), plastic film (polyethylene, polyester and polypropylene) pressure-sensitive adhesive single sheet materials.
*The control system of the machine is supervised and controlled by Japan Mitsubishi transducer and Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller; easy to operate; precision of overprinting is less than 0.15mm.
*The internal electrical components and main mechanical drive adopt imported components; low working noise; stable running.
*Full-automatic sequent paper transfer device; can switchover freely according to the thickness of printed products; 90配urning paper collection table makes screen plate easily be cleaned, assembled and unassembled; it is equipped with screen plate micromatic setting device.................
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