YT-inclined arm type precision screen printing machine

Product ID: YT4060/6090

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Available for porcelain paper yarn, circuit board, nameplate, paper sheet and PVC flat printing.
*Main control electric circuit adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC, Adderley transducer, Korea electric pneumatic parts and components and imported pneumatic components.
*Printing distance of travel is driven by motor, equipped with Korea linear lead rail and Japan synchronized driving system; printing is stable.
*Table plate has vertical and horizontal regulators and self-lock device, which ensure the precision printing; powerful vacuum sorption system is installed on printing table panel.
*Printing distance of travel and fixation structure of screen board can be regulated, which can meet different printing acreage.
*Having screen-away device; screen-away height and speed can be regulated.
*Recirculating scrap speed and printing speed can be regulated respectively.............
inclined arm ,precision^$^#

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