Zhiyun Whistle Kite Co.,Ltd.
Professionally making all kinds of "Banyao" and patterned kites,the NanTong ZhiYun Whistler Co.LTD has products containing three series, namely, presents, handicraft tour articles and common flying kites.
The company pays great attention to the skill in making NanTong "Banyao".When using the materials the company is particular about the material being light, excellent and new and at the same time pays attention to the workmanship being excellent.The patterns of the kites go ahead with the times and have all kinds of postures.The company can work specially according to the needs of the customers.The picture of "BanYao" has traditional cultural and national characters.When flying the kites, the whistles send forth clear and melodious sounds honoured as majestic symphony in the sky. The folding handicraft "BanYao" can fly and is portable.
The picture of every piece of the Zhiyun Kites is excellent with unique patterns and refined workmanship containing deep cultural value and collected and stored value combining admiration with decoration. It is the symbol of rich culture.

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