Glass perfume bottle

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(1) Sample is available in any time. (2) Attractive color, fine and exquisite. (3) Popular style all over the world. (4) Good promotion sale.
We mainly supply various of glass products and ceramic products.
1. Glass products include daily-use glassware and various of arts glass.
* Daily-use glassware include glass storage jars, glass condiment bottles, glass candle holders, glass plate, etc.
* Arts glass include glass paperweights, glass vases, glass flowers, glass fruits, glass animals, decorative mosaic glass products and so on.
2. Ceramic products include decorative plate, coffee mug, beer mug, dinner set, cup & saucer, etc.
Welcome your enquiry. Our principle is good quality, competitive price and delivering on time.
Beside our availible design, we can also do custom design. If you have any other special requirements, please feel free to contact us.
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  • Size: 9*5.5*9.5cm/pc
    • (1) Elegant design. (2) High quality, good price and tiemly delivery. (3) it is alll handmade. (4) Good promotion sale.

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Glass bottle/plate/paper-weight/animal/vase/candle holder