Plastic Fruit Tablecloth Clips (Weight /Pendant)

Product ID: HT06-5

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This product is novel-designed, lifelike-shaped, noble-cultured, Clamping the periphery of the tablecloth with it tightly can make the face of the tablecloth pretty flat and even prevent the tablecloth from fluttering by the wind It is especially suitable for the dinner table and the meeting table in the households, bars, restaurants, hotels and etc. It is of high appreciated and well practical Also, it can be used as the gifts for sales and the donations for the business enterprise Currently it is the most popular and fashion daily necessity on the market.

Model Number:HT06-5 (Lemon Type)
Packaging Measurement:36.4x25.6x41.3cm
Packaging Quantity:72sets/ctn (4pcs/set)
Plastic Fruit Tablecloth Clips ^$^#

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