semi-automaitc blow molding machine

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This series is a typical stretch blow molding machine with characteristic of wide flexibility, high agility, low consumption and no pollution.
It can produce 100ml-20L PET bottle.
Maximum cavitations of this series are 2 cavities.
ZQ22-III^$It can produce 3L(max.) bottles and bottles with a handle. 800pcs/hr^#ZQ22-IV^$It can produce 6L(max.) bottles and bottles with a handle. 350-400pcs/hr^#ZQ22-V 5gallon blower^$It can produce 3-5gallon(max.) bottles and bottles with a handle. 60-100pcs/hr^#ZQ22-III-D hot-filling bottle ^$Special designed for hot-filling PET bottle. Can endure 85 degree hot water. 700-750pcs/hr^#ZQ22-III-E BOPP bottle^$Special designed for hot-filling BOPP bottle. Can endure 120 degree hot water. 900-1200pcs/hr^#

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