Weighing indicator

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t adopts the special soft hardware technique, and manufacture craft finely, compared with domestic and international of the same kinds weighing indicator, at pricision, consistency, long-term stability and some characteristic functionses extension up, had some new breakthroughs.
1. Input singal range:-27mV~+27mV.
2. Internal signal resolution:0.2μV.
3. Sampling speed:>100times/s.
4. Working temperature range:-10℃~+40℃.
5. Individuation print,customers can print by self fancy.
6. 30 point nonlinearity amend to satisfy more highly pricision require.
7. Perfectly automatic examination and hint for varity amiss information.
  • DK3230 series weighing indicator
    • Can connect several types printer.
.6 digit red light data tube display

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