Anti-Losing/Robbery/Forgetting Alarm

Product ID: ZDG-102

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Anti-Losing/Robbing/Forgetting Alarm: This personal anti-losing alarm adapts macro-computer control technology with multi-coding. It works and identifies according to the different codes. It protects valuable articles (or human being ) and anti-theft by compounding of receiver and transmitter, It becomes your first choosing for anti-losing. It is widely used for trip to protect the important and valuable things, for example: baby, children mobile, wallet, pets, bags, luggage, package or other important things you want.

It consists of two parts: receiver (big part) and transmitter (small part).
- Anti-losting: The receiver will be kept with the host, the transmitter will be kept with the things which the host wants to protect. The receiver remind the host by warning tone and vibration if transmitter is away from the receiver beyond the distance to set at your option.
- Search function: Put the power switch of the receiver on "S-ON" to set the searching function, when receiving the signal of the transmitter, the receiver will send out warning tone and vibrate to indicate approaching the protected products. It's convenient to find the protected products, if the receiver is out of the reception of the sending signal, the sinal light will be on but no warning tone.

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