Combination of UD(L) & WJ

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1. Combining the advantages of planet cone-disk stepless speed variator & worm gear speed reducer to realize lower speed variation.
2. High strength, bidirectional rotation, reliable capability.
3. Stable performance, low noise and long durability
Technical data:
1. Input power: 0.25KW-1.5KW
2. Max output torque: 550N.m
3. Output rotation speed range(if 4 electrodes' motor): (148-4) 148-30 rpm; 74-15 rpm; 55-11 rpm; 37-8 rpm; 27-6 rpm; 20-4 rpm; 138-28 rpm; 69-14 rpm; 52-11 rpm; 34-7 rpm; 125-25 rpm; 75-13 rpm; 43-9 rpm.
Combination of UD(L) & WJ^$We professionally produce UD(L) series planet cone-disk stepless variators, RV series worm-gear reducers, WJ series worm-gear reducers,cycloidal pin wheel reducer & their combination. They are widely applied in the sectors of foodstuff, packaging, ceramics, chemicals, textile, pharmacy, carpentry, plastics and printing and so on for the purpose of supporting conveyor lines. ^#
  • ISO9001:2000
  • CE

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