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Act One LED lighting is the advanced lighting solution with energy-saving and long lifetime features. It has several key advantages, including lower cost of ownership. The features and advantages of Act One LED lighting make it a better alternative to the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Welcome to the next generation of lighting - see how Act One LED lighting illuminates you a brighter future.

Powered by the advanced Virtual Pixel technology, our LED video displays have 200% more pixels than traditional LED displays. With more display pixels, you can show more details and information, or simply a better video quality.

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Our advanced LED displays are capable of displaying 48-bit colors. Traditional 24-bit LED displays can only generate 16.7 million colors, while our 48-bit technology is capable of showing 281 trillion colors. This larger dynamic range helps Act One displays show more details on dark scenes, and smoother, more brilliant colors for all videos and pictures. We regenerate true colors.

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It is critical to have high brightness to ensure high visibility for outdoor video displays. Act One LED video displays have ultrahigh brightness output, while remaining to show uniform colors and sharp video quality. Act One LED video displays literally glow, even in direct sunshine.

The horizontal viewing angle of Act One video displays is up to 150 degrees in the daytime, and up to 170 degrees in the nighttime. It means with our displays, you will be able to reach more viewers and broadcast your information more efficiently.

The display systems come with user-friendly software to perform remote control and management. With the software, you can remotely monitor the status of the display, as well as upload and schedule files to show.

Act One LED video displays are modularly designed so that they can be easily maintained. They can be configured into customized sizes and width/height ratios with the combination of modules. The modular design also makes Act One LED video displays easy to setup and dismantle, and therefore perfect for staging applications.

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