We are a company dedicated to the manufacturing of automatic popcorn vending machines that through its more than 20 years of experience in this field, has developed the only system in the world that allows the elaboration of fresh popcorn completely natural, without grease nor oils added, that make our fresh popcorn a completely adapted product to the nourishing needs of a society every day more worried by its own health.

The innovative cooking system by hot air of our machines It differs from the traditional systems of pot and microwave popcorn because it do not needs to add any ingredient to give flavour to the popcorn, so in parallel of the development of the advanced technology of our machines, we also has patented a revolutionary system of flavouring the corn so the flavour is inside the grain; our popcorn becomes in this way in a healthy and natural food.

In the current time the standard flavours that we have in stock usually, are: SALTY-BUTTER, SWEET-CARAMEL and SWEET-VANILLA, although we are always working hard to get new flavours according to the market demands.

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    St. Fruitos de Bages
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    • ODM Manufacturer
    • Exporter/Agent
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      South America / Caribbean / West Europe / East Europe / Russia / China / Hong Kong