Internet Firewall Broadband Router

Product ID: R-160F

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*** Description & Functions ***
* Support CABLE/ADSL/Obtain an IP automatically connection
* Allows multiple users to access internet at the same time by providing
Maximum Internet utilization to multiple users to share a single Public IP address
* Support 5 channels IPSec VPN
* Support DES and 3DES Encryption
* Support MD5 and SHA Authentication
* Support IKE Key Management
* Built-in powerful firewall engine; Prevent hacker from attacking and
Controlling your computer
* Support IP Filter, URL Filter and MAC Address Filter
* Support Time Schedule
* Support Dynamic DNS
* Support MAC Address and IP Address Binding
* 4 LAN ports, 10/100M Auto-Negotiation, Supporting Auto MDI/MDIX
* Support NAT & IP routing
* Built-in Chinese WEB Server, personalized which is friendly, concise And easy to install
* Support DHCP client to receive both a dynamic IP Address and a fixed IP Address from your ISP
* Built-in DHCP server to automatically assign and manage LAN address
* Support Static Route
* Support Remote and Web Management
* Support UPnP
* Support Virtual Server
* Support DMZ host
* Support PPPoE Auto-connect and Auto-disconnect
* Support MAC Address CLONE
* Support VPN Pass-through
  • Firewall router
    • * CPU: ARM9 166MHz
  • * FLASH MEMORY: 16 M bit
  • * DRAM: 64M bit
  • FCC

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