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Fur pelts:
Fur Bedspreads:
Fur Scrap:
Fur Coats and Jackets:
  • Real Full pelt Fur Coats and Jacket
    • The finest North American furs pelts of mink, sable, fox, beaver, sheared beaver, coyote, artic timber wolf, Lynx
  • Fur pelts Tanned and Raw
    • From Canada, Northwest Territories, The Yukon Canada
    • Fur Scrap
      • Scrap pieces of fur of Mink, Sable, Fox, Beaver
    • fir making fur teddy bears, fishing flies, cuffs, collars, trim
      • Fur bedspreads, Blankets, Quilts
        • Made from Red Fox, Silver Fox, Beaver, Sheared beaver, Coyote, Lynx, Artic Fox
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