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Scrap peices left over from full pelts after garment making. used for making collars and cuffs, fur teddy bears, fishing flies, doll hair, plates for making coats,
native american clothing, hunters clothing, sports clothing
  • Mink, Sable, Fox, Lynx, Coyote
    • pieces of size from 10 to 90 centimeter long and from 10 to 30 centimeters wide, already tanned.
  • used for makign collars, cuffs, plates, teddy bears, fishing flies, native American clothing, hunters clothing, sports wear
    • Comes from finest pelts
      • Nothern coldest climates produce the finest fur pelts.
    • Vivid colors
      • including Lynx, Coyote, red Fox, Artic Fox, silver fox, blue fox, grey fox, cross fox. For Pictures
    • PeterPalms.com/scrap
    • PeterPallms.com/peaux
      • Coats made from pelts
        • The scrap is what is left over after making the coats
      • Scrap is also made into new plates which ar eused to make more coats
      • PeterPalms.com/furpelts
        • prices are CIF world-wide
          • we ship by air insured and with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Government Agency export declaration filed.
  • delivery by air within 5 days
    • Wolrdwiude shipment
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