Export management Services to United States for Chinese Manufacturers

Product ID: Export Management

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We find importers, buyers, wholesalers, distributors and create order s to and through your website. Each $60,000 in annual budget creates $1,000,000 in new annual sales
  • We find buyers
    • We reach 15,000,000 businesses in the United States and make them aware of the existence of your company, products and website
  • Guarantees
    • As your agent we give U.S. compes a place they can serve legal process to resolve dissatisfaction in
  • America instead of China
    • Our reputaiton
      • Provies a level of comfort to American buyers that they don't have to go to China to settle disputes.
    • We can provide cash with order
      • becasue we are in USA American buyers can pay us and have recourse within the United States in the event of problems
    • we can deliver for you "Cash on Del
      • To guarantee delviery we accept orders C.O.D.and deliver for you and collect cash
  • We have a reputation
    • Founded in 1934 we have excellent credentials
  • http://www.PeterPalms.com/credentials
    • Awards from Microsoft, IBM, ATT
      • visit http://www.PeterPalms.com/palreco3.html
    • References Testimonials Track-recor
      • http://www.PeterPalms.com
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      • We bring results
        • For each $60,000 you provide to us annually for advertisign your company in the United States, you can reasonably expect to receive $1,000,000 in orders.
      • test marketing
        • You can try us with any size initial budget to measure the results
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Main Products

Fur pelts, scrap, bedspreads, comforters, quilts, rugs, coats jackets, fur, furs, coat, sable, mink, chinchilla, otter, lynx, fox, blanket, bedspread, quilt, comforter, rug, scrap.