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1) Material specification: Different kinds of rubber & plastic, such as PP, PA. PVC, PE, EPDM, EPT etc;
2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000, Solid work 2001, UG, CATIA, etc;
3) Main equipment:
A) maximum capacity of injection moulding equipment: 3000T
B) Injection Molding Machine, Compression Molding Machine, Transfer Molding Machine, Extrusion Machine, Plastic Injection Machine, Plastic Blowing Machine, Plastic Extrusion Machine;
4) Surface treatment: /
5) Application: Rubber/Metal Parts, Medical Parts, Industrial Parts, Vehicle Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Electronics Parts, Gasket Rubber, O-Rings etc;
6) Processing method: Compression, Injection, Transfer, Insert Molding, Extrusion, Blowing.

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