Fingerprint T&A System and Access Control -AV200

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1.Korean Industrial Design, Steel Shell, Argent 2.SHARP DSTN LCD, 12 Inch 3.ANVIZ Optical Fingerprint Reader, Breakage resistance. 4.Simple Operation System, Easy for Study. 5.Stand- Alone, Voice Leading. 6.Philips Industrial CMOS Chip, Reliable Performance . 7.Identification Methods, 1:1 or 1:N. 8.Identification Time: Less than 1 Second 9.Standard Fingerprint Capacity: 880/1880, 10.Checking records: 100000. 11.Communication: RS(232,485) TCP/IP(optional). 12.Authorization Assembled Access Control System, 13.Particular Security Design, Resists to Violence. 14.Size:450mm?300mm?40mm

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