fingerprint safe box FB-200

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Features of Anviz Fingerprint Safe- FB200 1.ANVIZ Optical Sensor. 2.Blue LCD display 3.Ripeness Circuit System, Good Stabilization, 4.Manage intelligently through the network 5.Secure Identification Method: Password +Fingerprint. 6.No Trying Function: Dormancy If 3 Times Password or Fingerprint Fail 7.Relative Fingers Function: Automatic open When The Relative Fingers All Passed. 8.Fingerprint storage capacity: 120 (extendable) 9.Administration: 4 common users, 1 administrator 10.The Opening Info Recorded. 11.Box material: S45C 12.Access method: password + fingerprint Size: 380mm?260mm?240mm(can be customized) all various kinds of specifications and size Can be customized.

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