Aromance Corporation Ltd.
In 1900's, Mr,Lin ZhaoHu's great grandfather happened to get 5 secret incense patents by saving the life of an incense-maker of SHER race, a very rare race in Chinese. Then he developed this series of incense on base of those patents to meet other race's tastes.

In the year of 1921, Mr. Lin Zhaohui's grandfather set a shop selling the incense under the brand called Qing Tian xiang,which later became our company, has been a famous incense manufacturer for the fine and mystery incense.

In 1979, the factory recovered after some disordered decades and began to manufacture incense with those old secrets.. And some of the stick incense were exported to Japan.3 of these 5 incense has been introduced to Japanese markets successfully in middle 1980's.

During the period of 1994-1999, with the help of some export companies, the incense was exported to European and North American areas.
Later in year 2002, Mr Lin Zhaohui and Mr. Xuelin established Aromance Corporation Ltd. To run all business.

Nowadays we are a leading exporter of many kinds of incense in China. With decades experience of design and manufacture, we now manage to supply over 600 metric tons varied incense monthly.

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