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We are manufacturers and exporters of Highland or Scottish Bagpipes, Irish War and Brian Boru Bagpipes, Miniature, Chamber or Parlour Bagpipes, Minipipes, Toy Highland Gifts Bagpipes, Goose Sets, Pipe and Practice Chanters, Irish Flutes, Clairnets, Reeds and Drones, Bags Covers and Cords, Waist and Cross Belts, Spats, Long Horse Hair Sporrans, Hackles, Sashes, Brooches, Sgian Dubhs, Knives, Dirks, Balmorals, Glengarries, Bb Bugles, Marching Drums, Swords, Irish Celtic Bodhrans, Bodhrans Covers, Irish Harps, Tambourines, Vellum Drum Heads (goat calf skin), Wooden Spoon, Metal Wooden Dumbecks etc etc
.Pipe Band Musical Instruments.