Automatic perfume dispenser

Product ID: BR-PXQ681

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BR-PXQ681:Remote-control Automatic Perfume Dispenser controlled by CPU and infrared-ray coding technology,could be set by remote control each spraying times,5minutes-4 hours adjustable spraying interval time and day/night 24hours base on scale of occasion and turbidn-ess of air,shows suitability using at any occasions.Unique function of individually and clustering control from one remote controller to multi dispenser,standing out advantage of convenient management in large scale
  • Voltage
    • DC2*1.5V(R20)
  • Dimensions
    • 510 x 320 x 230 (mm)
  • Package
    • 12pc(7.7kg)
  • Perfumes / air deodorizer
    • We also supply perfumes with many types of odors:
  • rose, jasmine, lemon, coffee, etc. (not included in this sample price).
  • CCC
  • CE

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