Autorain irrigation machine

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嫂ccurate driving of turbine
No drive water near the machine, reliable and maintenance free
感recise ratchet drive
Drum drive via exact, laser cut wheel gear with high
effeciency and long-lasting durability.
微ow connecting pressure
2.8 bar pressure are already sufficient enough for
troublefree operation.Therefore, very efficient and energy saving.
廈igh retraction speed of sprinkler even at low flow. Easy djustment of retraction speed up to 35 m/h for applying the precipitation rate you need for the plants.

幌xact PE-Pipe Winding Mechanism
ensures precise reeling of the irrigation pipe in all
layers, winding for winding
惹prinkler cart
with high clearance and adjustable track width for avoiding damage to the crops.
嫂utomatic Shut off valve as standard extent of supply
Closes the water supply and shuts off the machine
automatically at end of the irrigation strip, without
any additional accessories
愁wice as much safety for the irrigator.
Mechanical shut-off of drum drive by means of shut-off
lever and additionally by shutting off the water flow.
嵩omfortable operation
The sprinkler cart will be loaded automatically at the end of the irrigation strip.
The irrigator can be pulled to the next working position
immediately without any further manipulation.
微aying down or pulling off PE pipe
Little handling time. You either pull the machine, thereby laying down the pipe, or you pull the PE-pipe off the reel.
微arge Tyres
Sizes 4.80 / 5.00 - 80 for easy pull also on rough
嫂UTO RAIN - Models available
40-120 - with PE-Pipe 40 mm diam. x 120 m long -for field length up to 135 m
50-70 - with PE-Pipe 50 mm diam x 74 m long for field
length up to 100 m
愁echnical Data:
Length: 256 cm, Width: 156cm, Height: 160cmm, Weight filled with water: 313kg

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