F30070M with electric eyepiece and display screen

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Amplification Rate:50x,15x
Objectlen Diameter:60mm
Angel of view: 0.8degrees,2.6degrees.
Exit pupil Diameter:1.4mm,4.67mm.
Exit pupil distance: 8mm,19mm.
Weight: 1500g
Product size: 200mmx199mmx65mm
Key Specification for electrical and optics:
a. Resolution: CIF pixel
b. Display: color, digital signal
c. Sensor array: 352x88
d. Frame rate: up to 30fps
e. Pixel Size: 5.6umx5.6um
f. Power supply: +5V(Default)
g. S/N: ratio: 35Db
h. Power consumption:
  • electric eyepiece,display screen
    • Connect with telescopes, microscopes, target scope to transfer captured images to TV, Monitor or PC for viewing or monitor.

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