Glossy Photo Paper, pp paper

Product ID: mild solvent media

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Glossy Photo Paper (230gram/m2) MS-230PH 0.914*25
MS-230PH 1.067*25
MS-230PH 1.27*25
MS-230PH 1.52*25
Glossy Photo Paper (180gram/m2) MS-180PH 0.914*30
MS-180PH 1.067*30
MS-180PH 1.27*30
MS-180PH 1.52*30
Glossy Photo Paper (150gram/m2) MS-150PH 0.914*30
MS-150PH 1.067*30
MS-150PH 1.27*30
MS-150PH 1.52*30
Self Adhesive Glossy Photo Paper (150gram/m2) MS-150PHL 0.914*30
MS-150PHL 1.067*30
MS-150PHL 1.27*30
MS-150PHL 1.52*30
Glossy PP Paper (150um) MS-150GN 0.914*30
MS-150GN 1.067*30
MS-150GN 1.27*30
MS-150GN 1.52*30
Glossy PP Paper (170um) MS-170GN 0.914*30
MS-170GN 1.067*30
MS-170GN 1.27*30
MS-170GN 1.52*30
Self Adhesive Glossy PP Paper (110um) MS-110GNL 0.914*30
MS-110GNL 1.067*30
MS-110GNL 1.27*30
MS-110GNL 1.52*30
Self Adhesive Glossy PP Paper (120um) MS-120GNL 0.914*30
MS-120GNL 1.067*30
MS-120GNL 1.27*30
MS-120GNL 1.52*30
With substrate of photo paper ,PP paper ,PET film or PVC film ,and a repeated coating of solvent ink absorbing materials,The professional digital printing materials :Mild Solvent (here in after called MS)Ink jet media has the excellence of high printing resolution and express ability indoor Ink jet media and high durability and printing speed of solvent media .
The MS ink jet media mach to the new popular printer such as Mimaki JV3 which is a high quality mild solvent printer adopt the anti-cauterization pigment print-head of Epson and Variable technology that can be have the strongpoint of both indoor and solvent printer .
1 The excellence of MS coating :
Well in absorbing solvent pigment ink ,quick dry ,high resolution ,reach to 1440*1440dpi
Good at express the original graphics realistically and naturally like indoor printer .
Full waterproof characteristic as outdoor solvent flex banner ,no lamination .
High adhesion ,good durability .
2 Coopatible Ink :Mild Solvent Pigment ink ; compatible printer :ALL Mild Solvent Printer like Mimaki JV3