PET Blow, Injection Mold and Automatic Blowing Machine

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Full Automatic Rotary Blowing Machine
愛otary blowing method with high efficiency and output speed to reach 99.5% productivity.
惹IEMENS electric control system with quick action and high accuracy.
廉erman imported air-valve, Cylinder, SEW brand motor and frequency-transfer applied to keep stable operation and stretch.
想uick mold exchanging system makes mold changing easily.
感rofessionally designed robot sends perform and takes bottle out automatically and accurately.
感HILIPS infrared ray lamps with automatic feedback compensation applied in heating system for bearing of heat and keeping heating steady.

PMRB-6A 7000B/H
PMRB-6H 5000B/H
PMRB-8A 9000B/H
PMRB-8H 6000B/H

For water bottles, carbonate bottles and hot filling bottles processing

Semi-automatic Blowing Machine
Pneu-Hydra Combination Clamping Semi-automatic blowing machine
1. Friendly English interface, easy operation;
2. PLC control system with OMRON program processor;
3. High quality air valves and seals imported from German or Japan to assure the machine to reach more than 99.9% productivity;
4. Two steps blowing (pre-blowing with low pressure air and second blowing with high pressure air) to perform better shape, brightness and strength of bottle;
5. Pneu-Hydra Combination Clamping works better for frequency of mold changing situation.
6. Convenience for choice to meet professional usage.
  • CWZ-150A
    • For Volume Less Than 1 Liter PET, PP, PC Bottle, 2 Cavities.
  • CWZ-180Z
    • For Volume Less Than 2.5 Liter PET, 1 Liter PP, PC Bottle, 2 Cavities. If 1 Cavity, Less Than 5 Liter.
  • CWZ-180ZH
    • For Hot Filling Bottle, Volume Less Than 2 Liter PET Bottle
  • CWZ-280Z
    • For Volume Less Than 8 Liter PET, Bottle, 1 Cavity. Also Big Mouth, Jar ...
  • CWZ-490Z
    • For 5 Gallon PET Bottle

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