JINOU Bluetooth Universal External Module

Product ID: JINOU-3262

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Bluetooth External Wireless Universal Interface Module has timing interfaces similar with other universal chip and reinterpreted and encapsulated existing bluetooth instructions. Average users and engineers can freely use it as a general module to give all the products bluetooth wings.

The core bluetooth chip of JINOU-3262 consists of the following function cells: RF Cell, Link Control Cell, Link Management Cell, and Software Function Cell. Bluetooth chip applies short distance RF link, which is integrated in 9x9mm microchip, operating on 2.45GHz ISM global band. In combination with the circuit switch and package switch, Bluetooth broadband protocol supports voice and data transmission. Each channel supports 64Kbps synchronous voice link and 721Kbps or backhaul 57.6Kbps asymmetrical link on either side. According to bluetooth standard, Bluetooth Universal External Module adopts TDMA technology, supports asynchronous data transmission and synchronous voice transmission, provide protocol conversion function for communication interface standards, such as RS232, USB, UART, Universal LPT and so on. By utilizing embedded chip development tech and software tech, JINOU-3262 implement standard bluetooth communication interfaces under bi-CPU and single CPU mode, and provide user flexible and seamless wireless upgrade technique.
  • Symbol Rate and Power
    • 1Mbps and 0dbm or 20dbm
  • Link Mode
    • SCO/ACL, support Circuit Exchange and Grouping Switch Operation
  • Transmission Rate
    • Voice Rate 64Kbps, Data Rate: 721kbps/57.6kbps if asymmetrical; 432.6kbps if symmetrical
  • Error Correction
    • 1/3FEC、2/3FEC、ARQ
  • Valid Range
    • Up to 15m
  • Frequency Band
    • 2.402~2.480GHz
  • Interfaces supported
    • RS232、USB、UART、LPT
  • Link Type
    • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint (up to 7 points)
  • Max.TX/RX ACL package
    • 1KByte
  • Dimensions
    • 25mm(L)*20mm(W)*10mm(H)