Car single Din DVD/TV monitor

Product ID: OS-1009

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-System functions:
CAR DVD,TV,Radio,4x50W amplifier, with CD changer,car backing radar,rearview camera, AV input and external amplifier output interface.
-DVD functions:
Plays full-zone DVD,VCD,CD,MP3 and CD-R.
-TV play:
Multi-system & full-frequency TV digital tuner preset 40 channels.
-AM/FM radio:
Memory stored into two groups up to 48 stations.
-Radar distance detecting:
Rear sensor distance detecting system(option).
-Display screen:
7" 16:9 TFT high definition LCD; faceplate angle adjustable;
-Auto memory:
All the set parameters and positions can be memorized and restored automatically.
-Display system:
Automatic PAL/NTSC, wide application range, highly compatible;
-Screen brightness auto-adjustment function:
The brightness of screen can be adjusted automatically according to that of environment.
-Remote control function:
Full function remote operation.
-Menu functions:
All operations have OSD menu instructions, and displays real time.
-Signal selection:
AV input/output (including car backing input) for convenient external signals connection.
-Car backing monitoring:
Specially provided with car backing video input. Automatically switches to rearview to display car backing status when you back up your car.

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