car mountroor TFT LCD monitor

Product ID: OS-6008

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Power Switch: Slide ON/OFF.
Brightness control: Used to compensate for use in different lighting environments.
Color control: Used to adjust the color to users preference.
Contrast: Used to adjust the contrast to users preference.
Sys: When selecting SYS 1,V1/V2 looks at the picture for

the normality. Selecting SYS2, V1 looks at the picture for

the normality, V2 serve as the automatic mirror image.
Connect the supplied cable with the monitor s mini-Din plug

Yellow RCA: VIDEO 1 input
Red RCA: VIDEO 2 input
Black plug: Power input

7 inch roof mount 16 : 9 TFT LCD monitor
No radiation, high resolution
Roof mount bracket, can revolve the panel
Car inner lamp, remote control
Mirror image
Twin video inputs

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